About Us
About Us
To tell you a little about myself and how I
decided to start Hill Custom Homes, my name
is Clayton Hill and I am originally from
Fayetteville, North Carolina and moved to
Charleston, South Carolina to attend college.
Upon graduating from The Citadel, my wife
and I moved to the Columbia area where I got
my start in homebuilding.

I worked for a few years with a national
builder as a customer service representative
and with a local builder as the manager of its
warranty department. In working closely with
over a thousand families to help them with
warranty and building issues, I soon realized
the aspect of the homebuilding process that
few builders fully appreciate and that is a
forward thought to a family's experience in its
new home 6 months or 8 months after move
in. Many issues I addressed could have been
corrected during the construction phase
without a burden to the families or the builder.
It is in that capacity that I realized what was
important to me in the construction
field...quality homes and superior customer
service. I felt I had something to contribute to
this field by transitioning into the construction
end of the homebuilding process in order to
provide those products and services that I saw
lacking in many families' building
experiences. You'll find that Hill Custom
Homes is hands-on and accessible.

We not only design and build new homes, we
build custom additions and renovate homes
throughout the midlands area. So whether you
are looking to find that perfect new home or
you want to make your existing home the
home of your dreams we have the experience
to make your dreams become a reality.

As you can see, for me "customer service" is
far from a popular buzz word; it's the reason I
began my business. After all, once I build your
home, I want you to have the confidence in
recommending Hill Custom Homes to your
friends and family!

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